Our attitudes about mobility will fundamentally change in the coming years as technology and climate change call for new solutions and habits. As the lead agency for brand design, we are working with Volkswagen, together with a team of design and communication agencies, to shape their mobility brand for the digital society.

Zero CO₂ by 2050
In 2018, the transportation sector generated around 14 percent of the world’s CO₂ emissions. Volkswagen aims to be carbon-neutral by 2050. (Source: Volkswagen)


»We have to become more of a software company

Herbert Diess, CEO Volkswagen

»If we can’t change anything,

who can?«

Mobility markets are undergoing rapid, dramatic changes – and also represent emotional products that have inspired people for over 100 years. Volkswagen is taking the lead by shaping people’s habits, attitudes and preferences in regards to mobility.

Volkswagen is accepting its responsibility by committing to the goals of the Paris Agreement. The brand is also addressing the evolving technologies in mobility and the changing expectations of new global societies. This paradigm shift is responsible for the most extensive transformation in the company’s history.

»We have to become

more of a software company«

This quote was from Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess in a press talk with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. The context: Volkswagen is turning the car into an electric, fully networked carbon-free smart device.


It terms of brand management, this means developing the strengths and formative characteristics of the brand further. We are creating new patterns of interaction that can best address the expectations of both current and future customers.

Transformation requires an

icon of trust

»With KMS TEAM, we have found a partner who is bringing ideas about design and brand communication into the future

Jochen Sengpiehl, CMO Volkswagen

How is the Volkswagen

brand changing?

Jochen Sengpiehl, CMO Volkswagen: »At Volkswagen, our brand is the value driver and trailblazer for change. The goal is to create a new value – with a new mindset in a connected world. With KMS TEAM, we have found a partner who is bringing ideas about design and brand communication into the future.«

Volkswagen has been our client for many years and, today, we are exploring the following question: How does brand and design management need to change if the brand is transforming from an automaker to an integrated mobility provider for the digital society

Patrick Märki, Managing Partner KMS TEAM: »The future of mobility requires a new way of thinking. Our goal is to empower the brand to tap into new business fields quickly and convincingly as well as develop existing ones – without losing its clarity. In this way, the Volkswagen brand is ideally positioned for the dynamic mobility markets.«

»The future of mobility requires a new way of thinking

Patrick Märki, Managing Partner KMS TEAM

Global Creative Lead

As the new lead agency, we have assumed responsibility for the development and implementation of the new brand design in the Volkswagen Power House.

The result of our work is a sustainable system that we can employ dynamically and intuitively across all applications and channels. It is ideally suited for the new patterns of interaction in our digital society.

We are supporting the global rollout on the basis of the new Volkswagen BrandNet, which documents all of the principles and elements of the brand design. We are organizing coaching and training sessions from New York to Shanghai – helping to transform the momentum into a worldwide movement.


Powerhouse – new work

for New Volkswagen

The New Volkswagen brand management is using new agile, networked working processes in the »Power House«. The aim is to end the classic client-agency model, be faster, and make more consistent decisions. Thanks to this approach, we developed, discussed, documented and implemented the New Volkswagen brand design in a very short period of time – together with several clever people from Blackspace, Consileon, DDB, Grabarz und Partner, Metadesign, Mutabor, Progenium, Publicis Sapient, S12, Schmidhuber, SinnerSchrader, VIM Group and Volkswagen Design.

What impresses us

  • How fast one of the largest companies can be

  • The team in the Power House

  • Rethinking design systems and customer interactions

  • Having contact with motivated Volkswagen teams around the world